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Oh My God 101 – Proactive Disaster Planning

Do you think disasters are limited only to a fire, power outage or a building collapse? Think again. When bad things happen to good people, who is in charge and what is the game plan?

What if today:

  • You have a major computer/ IT failure
  • Your major supplier calls you and says he is closing his doors tomorrow
  • Your bank calls and says they are having temporary technical difficulties and they should be operational in a day or two.
  • Your executive VP has a heart attack in the office
  • Your workplace experiences a serious violent episode
  • You have a serious downturn in business
  • You receive a bomb threat or suspicious package
  • You need to evacuate your building today

Can you open for business tomorrow?

Let’s think back to the horrific events of September 11th. What is your estimate of the number of people in both World Trade Center towers at 8:45 AM? Let’s go with 20,000 people for sake of discussion. How many people were initially unaccounted for or a confirmed fatality? Let’s say 4,000. That means 80% of the people in the WTC got out .

Why? Because after someone tried to blow up the North Tower in 1993, the Port Authority of New York learned that (1) most tenant companies did not have a disaster plan, (2) the emergency stairwells were not well lit, (3) the stairwells were not well ventilated, and (4) signage was very poor. They took corrective action and it paid off.

You too can learn from events in your past, apply some additional common sense, add our focused experience, and come up with a disaster plan to cover most contingencies.

We are trained and in fact live and work in the emergency and crisis environment. Our background and expertise are derived from BOTH emergency services and business. About Us

We can assist you in effectively navigating through the difficult terrain ahead so that you can be vigilant and prepared when , not if, crisis strikes. Why? Because we have been there. Our specialized program, 911 for Business , will help you plan for the worst.

Give us a call at 800-437-8347 to learn more and we'll be glad to help.

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