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R eview and regroup
E stablish direction
S et specific, attainable goals
E xecute the RESET
T each, talk, transform

Resetting any organization is a time intensive proposition. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, it does start all at once.

Think of the RESET process as a road race. The race is advertised for weeks, runners, sponsors, spectators and curious onlookers all take notice that something is schedule to happen. Then the day of the race comes, in this case, the day that the RESET button is going to be “pushed.”

Every staff person, manager, and department is in different shape for the race. Some will sprint, others will jog, others will walk, and occasionally some will even completely stop to catch a collective breath, and some may just stand there and complain.

Each participant’s pace is fine as long as the group keeps going, knows the direction of the finish line, agrees that the collective goal is crossing the finish line, and is encouraged along the way. Everyone, even if they’re limping, can celebrate that they got there!

This how the RESET process works. Our role is to help you map the course, set-up check points along the way, and help keep everyone from the CEO to the mail room clerk, on course.

Think of us as a personal trainer or coach. We’ll set up a program with you that we both agree upon, we’ll teach you how to do it, we’ll work you hard during our sessions and then we’ll help establish a routine for success.

Does your organization need to be RESET ?

Here are the Top Ten Signs that an organization needs to be RESET :

  1. Your corporate policies are missing, non-existent or routinely disregarded.
  2. Recruiting is a standard agenda item for the management meeting.
  3. You have said, “This just isn’t fun anymore” more than once in the last 30 days.
  4. Your staff gets a group discount for “Monster.com“” postings.
  5. The majority of your customer interactions involve complaints.
  6. Rapid growth has created a sense that the organization is “out of control.”
  7. A major downsizing has the survivors nervous.
  8. Your percentage of absenteeism is higher than your profit margin.
  9. There’s an office pool going for who’s leaving next.
  10. Your orientation program includes discussion of severance options.

It’s your organization: RESET it or REGRET it!

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