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Why hire a consultant?

There are three basic reasons for retaining a consultant: time, expertise, and objectivity.

You've heard that "time is money", so ask yourself, what is your time worth?  Most leaders don't have enough hours in the day for facing normal, everyday demands let alone conducting strategic planning or developing a loyal client base.  It becomes a juggling act, usually resulting in something getting short-changed.

Consultants, however, remain focused on the game until you get game winning results.

At times, it may be difficult to be completely objective on an issue or problem.  Sometimes leaders may not have a full working knowledge of a specific topic, and they need information to help them make the right decision.  Seeing your issues or concerns from an objective point of view will provide you with clear strategies that will help you succeed.

What does a consultant do?

Knowledgeable, experienced and effective consultants will give you straight answers through thorough evaluations, studies of marketing techniques, opinion surveys of your internal and external clients, financial and comparative analysis, budget planning, and other methods.  Their job is to understand your goals, showing you the most cost-effective way to complete the project and run your organization.

When should I use a consultant?

You should select a consultant when you want to:

  • Study your organization to obtain a clear, objective point of view
  • Develop a business strategy from an fresh perspective
  • Conduct independent surveys of employees and other customers which provide candid and honest responses
  • Develop new material or research for a specific project
  • Provide training, as needed, without the overhead costs of full time staffing
  • Handle any project that is time sensitive or when you just don't have the time yourself
  • Handle an important negotiation session

Don't consultants tell you what you want to hear?

A reputable, winning consultant will not build up false confidence; doing that will only set you and your organization up for disappointment and frustration.  A reputable one will tell you what you
need to hear and will decline a project if the sole objective is to validate an opinion or someone's specific position on a certain issue.   Great consultants will give you clear, concise, objective facts and will assist you with implementing steps for improvement.

How do I check to see if a consultant is reputable?

Once you think you have found a consultant that appears to meet your needs, ask for a reference list.  Call their clients.  Ask about the project or issue that was handled, the working relationship, the level of efficiency and professionalism, the length of the project, and most of all, the outcome.  Call several different clients.  The more information you have, the better you'll feel.

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