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Consultation, Coaching or just a “New Set of Eyes”

Most business people cringe when they hear the word consultant. Advertisers make fun of the stereotype consultant daily. Even we use the term lightly.

Technically we are a consulting practice. But in reality, we’re problem solvers.

Here’s a secret consultants won’t tell you…(actually we could get drummed out of the profession for giving up the secret) YOU already have much of the information needed to fix the issues driving you nuts right now - you just need a fresh perspective to help you see and organize them.

We get paid to introduce fresh ideas, carry out the old ideas that everyone is afraid to move and come to the table without the baggage of office politics to say the things that need to be heard. We don’t want to take up permanent residence in your company and we don’t want to make your company so dependent on us that we can’t ever leave.

Our services are customized to meet your exact needs. We will help you identify and quantify your goals, examine what’s holding you back, and develop ways to overcome the obstacles blocking your path to success.

Why choose Holdsworth-Pelton? Simply put, we can help you because we’ve done it ourselves. Wouldn’t you rather work with a consultant who’s learned from doing rather than from academic theories?

Since 1988, we’ve endured the growing pains, the cash crunches, the employee turnover, the emergence of new competitors and the need to expand into new markets. Along the way we’ve had fun, maintained a sense of family, treated our employees and other clients like the valuable people they are, and we’ve been profitable for all those years.

Throughout our history we’ve won some awards, made some great friends and enjoyed a 98% client retention rate.

If you could profit from a fresh look at your business, need some help planning for the future or if you just feel like you organization is stuck in the mud, give us a call.

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